BYU Chinese Language Fair - April 18th


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ARIZONA: Beginning in 2010, the ASU Confucius Institute has organized and sponsored a Chinese Speech Competition for secondary school students at the ASU Language Fair. The competition is divided into three levels: Novice Mid (1 year of Chinese), Novice High (2-3 years of Chinese), and Intermediate (3rd year or above). Novice Mid students typically recite a poem or a short self-introduction...

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ARIZONA: Because images frequently tell a story in more profound and meaningful ways than words can often mirror, the ASU Confucius Institute has organized a photo contest titled “China in Your Eyes,” inviting K 7-16 students to share their personal visual depiction of China. A photo caption must accompany each submission and must describe how the photo relates to Chinese culture or to their...

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ARIZONA: To increase students’ motivation in Chinese language learning and their familiarity with Chinese culture, the ASU Confucius Institute and Chinese Flagship Program sponsored ASU Chinese Flagship student Jonny Dangerfield in presenting China-related presentations in Arizona K-12 schools. Jonny, who is also the 2013 Southwest Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Contest’s first place...

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ARIZONA: Students of Tianjin University travelled thousands of miles to celebrate Chinese New Year with students at Boulder Creek High School through “The Melody of Harmony” performance. Students in Boulder Creek High’s Chinese program decorated the event venue, and greeted performers and guests as they arrived. Many students had never before attended this type of Chinese cultural performance...

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UTAH: Every year, the Chinese Language Program at Lehi High Schools throws a Chinese New Year Celebration for the community! This celebration allows the community to have an incredible cultural experience.